Birth of the Broken Biyahera 


Bianca’s passion for traveling and frustrations in love led her in creating BrokenBiyahera.com, a hurting travel blog. Chos.

She believes that along with the search for travel guides is one’s hidden desire to be healed and complete once again. For her, traveling is a great and unique opportunity to seek second chances and fresh starts (Amen? Amen!). With these in mind, she tries her best in writing personal, wanderful posts that hopefully help and inspire.

When not traveling or blogging, this 20-something Batangueña works at a bank, thus labeling herself as a #Bianker. She is also a proud “Iska”, “worrier-turned-warrior”, and “fan of puns”.



When did the Broken Biyahera start traveling?

She actually cannot remember. But she’s quite sure that as early as five years old, she has already gone to different places; thanks to her pre- and grade school field trips! Well, aside from those compulsory, chaperoned trips to Manila, the nene Bianca was also able to visit provinces far from her home in the South like Baguio and Ilocos. However, like any other child who loves to play and throw tantrums, she did not get to appreciate such places. She went, but not really wandered.

When did the Broken Biyahera start traveling? For real?

Her wanderlust was discovered during her pre-teen years. Her favorite subject in elementary was History; she liked studying tourism and exploring maps. Since then, Bianca has begun to wonder, wanting to witness those tourist spots printed on her textbooks in real life. She did not struggle telling this growing passion to her mother, since the latter has a penchant for traveling as well.

Bianca’s first plane ride was bound for Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Philippine Airlines). Hong Kong was her first out-of-the-country trip. Her travel to Legazpi, Albay has got to be the longest but most fun land trip she has taken yet. Lucban, Quezon has a special place in her heart (but no, it has nothing to do with mushy proposals or any other romantic stuff). The USA remains to be her most favorite destination. She dreams of welcoming the New Year in New York (she calls it the #ProjectNYinNY) and exploring at least one country alone.


When did the Broken Biyahera first had her heart broken?

During fourth grade when her classmate-turned-crush confessed to her that he liked someone else. It turned out that that “someone” was her best friend. WHYYY.


When did the Broken Biyahera first had her heart broken? For real?

Apparently, every love she has given and every pain she has gotten ever-since-she-can’t-remember are all real.


What can you expect from the Broken Biyahera and her posts?

Her very first blog entry can answer.


Thanks for dropping by! Cheers to the broken hearts who brave to travel the world!



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