5 Tips to Enjoy Art In Island 3D Museum in Cubao, Quezon City

I was with two of my cousins on New Year’s Day last year. We were itching to check out another place to grace our Instagram feeds even if there’s a superstitious belief that one shouldn’t spend money during January 1st to draw luck and prosperity throughout the year. We browsed the Internet, found some IG-worthy restaurants, but ended up going to a museum—Art In Island—since we didn’t want to immediately break our number one resolution every single freakin’ new year: DIET. 😛

Located in the bustling and hustling district of Cubao, Quezon City, Art In Island is apparently the largest 3D art museum in Asia. We’ve got to admit, that title enticed us more to visit the place and risk our crisp, fresh-from-Ninong-during-Christmas 500-peso bill as payment for the entrance fee. 😛

We were lucky enough because the museum was not jam-packed that day; after all, it was the holiday season. We didn’t have to rush and compete with students on field trips and other people to secure and have our pictures taken in the museum’s most coveted spots. However, Art In Island is still a challenge in itself. Crowded or not, it requires you to possess certain attitudes in order to enjoy it fully.

Planning to go soon? Here are my tips when you find yourself roaming around Art In Island:

1. Think quickly and out-of-the-box.

What makes this museum (well, 3D museums, in general) unique from the rest is that it allows you to be a part of the art. Dito, besh, may lugar tayo. Eh sa buhay nila? Chos. Your role here is not limited to being a typical museum goer who would just observe and strike standard poses in front of the creations for photo souvenirs. This place demands you to interact with each artwork, because it won’t make any sense without you on it. Naks. Tip for those who are intending to visit: This might spoil you but check out the art spots in advance online so you can already conceptualize the kind of poses/acts you will portray. This will save you time and prevent you from panicking when there are people lined up, watching you closely as they wait for your session to finish. 😉

One of the many tricky artworks at Art in Island
Terror Tea-chair 😛

2. Don’t be shy to show your silly side.

Art In Island grants you the privilege to become a mermaid, be eaten by a shark, time travel, be on Van Gogh’s iconic The Starry Night painting, among many others. Rarely do we experience these things, so might as well make the most of being in a, should I say, “semi-fictitious world”. Ditch your prim and proper self for the meantime, and don’t be ashamed to look silly. In other words, have fun! Tsaka ka na lang uli mag-emote. Haha.

Getting silly at Art In Island!

3. Bring a buddy.

It will be a struggle going solo at Art In Island. Well, do you want to always approach strangers to take your pictures? I guess not. Ergo, bring a trusty pal with you to make your museum experience less burdensome and more enjoyable. It’ll be a bonus if your companion has good photography skills, so the photos that you will be sharing are believable enough to trick your friends, followers, and even your ex. Yes, nang maramdaman naman n’ya how it’s like to be deceived. Charot.

Bonding with cousins at Art In Island
If we hold on together… 😛

4. Respect other visitors’ time.

I understand that a pricey amount (P500.00) must be let go to experience this museum. However, it doesn’t mean that you should let go of good manners and etiquette as well. Don’t spend too much time in one spot to give chance to others. At the same time, learn to wait for your turn. It’s not that hard, especially for us who have become experts in waiting. Alam mo ‘yan, besh! 😛 Plus, you don’t want to spark a petty fight with fellow visitors and turn your art adventure into a disaster, do you?

Playing around at Art In Island

5. Appreciate.

Like what I’ve pointed out in my Pinto Art Museum post, both the art and the artist deserve to be acknowledged. For me, the best way to express appreciation is through using the power of word-of-mouth to promote the museum and stimulate the interest of many towards the arts.

Waiting for "the one" at Art In Island. LOL!
Where art thou, The One? Chos.

Hope you can apply these tips as you go around and enjoy the awesome 3D and tricky creations at Art In Island. I’ve heard new features had been installed this year. Time to come back, I guess. 😉


The art captured my heart, but the artist broke it. Guess I’d rather be off to Art In Island than Heart In Island. Awtsu.


Have you been to Art In Island or any other 3D museums? Tell me your experiences! 🙂

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