Happy Three Friends at Kota Keluarga in San Juan, Batangas

It was in the middle of September when two of my high school besties and I—out of nowhere—thought of taking in some much-needed Vitamin Sea to lessen our stress brought about by work and school (does love life count?). We were searching for a near but nice beach destination perfect for a quick weekend getaway. Gladly, we came across an Instagram post of my friend’s friend and discovered this private cove called Kota Keluarga which is situated at Brgy. Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas. On that same day, we contacted the resort and booked right away—not minding if a typhoon would hit the area during our chosen dates. We were booked on a November, mind you. Haha.

Sunrise at Kota Keluarga
Sunrise a.k.a. ♫ “A-sun ba ‘ko sa’yo? Aasa ba ‘ko sa’yo?” 


Laiya is the go-to coast of people from the south (that includes us three). Clearly, it is not the best beach pick for it does not boast a sea of sand that is as white and powdery as the famous Boracay’s or Panglao’s. But as I suggest, Laiya is very accessible. From Manila, you just have to endure an approximately three-hour travel to reach it.

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Kota Keluarga Beach
Sea for yourself. 😉
Kota Keluarga Sand
Pebble trouble 😛

Kotang Kota

Just the name of it makes me wanna go, “Pak! Rumampa tayo sa Kota Keluarga!” or “Sila na? Kebs! Kumota Keluarga na lang tayo!” I don’t know if it’s just me, but the name sounds like a gay linggo. Anyway, I like the Beki language and community so I highly approve of the name. LOL.

The resort is kind of pricey, though. We spent P2,700 per head for an overnight stay at their air-conditioned cabana which can accommodate four pax. That’s inclusive of entrance fee, buffet meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), and use of facilities (beach, pool, dining, bar & common restrooms). However, what made us say yes to this place is its coziness and exclusivity. In Vice Ganda’s term, hindi siya “puchu-puchu”. Unlike other public beaches in Laiya where videokes are heard all over simultaneously, Kota Keluarga makes sure that its guests will have a peaceful and relaxing experience. I recommend that you visit it during off-season like what we did (we were one of the few who went beach bumming on a November!), so you have the entire beach to yourselves. Exclusive. Walang kaagaw. Walang kahati. Sa’yong sa’yo lang s’ya—’yung lugar, ha.

Cabana at Kota Keluarga
Donya ang datingan!
View from the cabana at Kota Keluarga
Wouldn’t mind waking up to this view everyday. <3

Some facts I want to share: Local films “Always Be My Maybe” and “Love Is Blind” were partly shot in this particular beach resort. Like what I’ve said, though this vacay spot is not really A+ (what I mean is the Amanpulo-kind-of-standard), still, it’s beautiful enough to be seen on movies and well, your Instagram feed.

Overall, Kota Keluarga is a nice destination to consider for an overnight staycation by the beach—away from the stress, away from the ex. Char.

Rock formations at Kota Keluarga
Yup, there are rock formations by the edge of the cove.
Kota Keluarga Buddies
Taken—just in case you’ll ask. Haha.
Sunset at Kota Keluarga
Calling it a day. It’ll be nice going back to you, Kota.


  • You can travel in threes. 3. Tatlo. Tres. Trio. Just don’t hurt yourself by traveling as the third. Third Wheel, you know?!
  • Don’t overlook things and places. O sige na nga, pati people. Punta ka nang punta sa malayo without knowing na ‘yung hinahanap mo, nand’yan lang sa kanto, nasa kabilang bayan, or worst, nasa harapan mo lang.
  • We need a break once in a while. Bladder break. Lunch break. Sem break. Not just heartbreak, please.

The Trio at Kota Keluarga


Having read this post, do you think you’ll visit Kota Keluarga one day? What other resorts in San Juan, Batangas can you recommend? 🙂

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  1. Len says:

    Sa San Juan lumaki ang nanay ko pero dehins kami nadala sa Laiya, biruin mo may ganito pala. Anyhoos, wagi tong blog mo ‘te! Consider me a follower 🙂

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      Yes, may ganyan sa SJ! 🙂 Punta kayo sa susunod!
      Thanks, ‘teh! Cheers to traveling! 🙂

  2. Phoebe Suarez says:

    Hi! After I read your blog, sobrang gusto kong pumunta sa Kota Keluarga!!! Can you send me instructions for public transpo? THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    1. Hello! So I assume you’re from Manila. Okay. So from Manila, take a bus bound for SM Lipa. There are various terminals in Buendia, but I advise that you take a DLTB or Batangas Express bus. Upon arriving at SM Lipa, proceed to their Grand Terminal and ride a van bound for San Juan. From San Juan town proper, take a jeepney headed to Laiya. Just ask the driver to drop you off at Kota Keluarga. At the gate, you will be fetched by a shuttle to bring you to the resort proper.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


    hi! allowed po ba ang pets dito? specifically dogs 🙂

    1. Hello! Sadly, I’m not sure if pets are allowed. 🙁

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