A Winning Staycation at La Luz Beach Resort (+ Tips to Help You Win Travel Contests!)

I still have a lot more to prove as a travel blogger before I get to enjoy the many perks that come with being one—sponsored trips, all access passes to various events, free accommodations at resorts/hotels, to name a few. For now, I have to rely on travel contests to satisfy my wanderlust without emptying my wallet. So just imagine the joy when my officemates and I found out that we won an overnight stay at La Luz Beach Resort, one of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas’ known and biggest vacation spots. Tingnan mo nga naman, nagwawagi rin pala ang mga sawi! 😛

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You might be wondering though—why La Luz over other and more popular beach resorts? Well, aside from its accessibility from Metro Manila and my bias as a Batangueña, La Luz has become some sort of a laughing matter—an inside joke—among us, having visited it last 2016 out of spontaneity and fun. We felt that that quick day trip called for a part two; thus, upon learning about the contest via La Luz’s official Facebook page, Josh (the guy officemate) immediately participated. Got to give the credit to him. He’s the ultimate kontesera of the group, and we were just so happy that he finally won after numerous attempts on different travel contests!

La Luz Contest Entry

La Luz Contest Poster

Eyes on the prize

Our winning entry to the “#LoveLaLuz Share Your Memories” photo contest entitled us to a free overnight stay for four at the resort’s Premier Room (exclusive of the mandatory food package and use of amenities). We were supposed to be four, but the other officemate backed out at the last minute. Hi, Ms. Lian! 😛

To be honest, there’s nothing special about the room—no bathtub or a TV even, just a balcony. Anyhow, we just got to be thankful for not having to pay for this room which is regularly priced at P4,950.00 per night.

Let loose at La Luz

Being the workaholic (wow, big word!) civil servants that we are, we made sure to de-stress and make the most of this weekend staycation.

We ate our hearts out during the lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, and breakfast—all served buffet style. Walang diet-diet!

La Luz Buffet

We took photos at every instagrammable area we spotted. Our favorites include the huge rock formation at the rightmost part of the resort which offers a good view of the San Juan sea, and the cabanas which are lined up by the shore.

We played beach volleyball and badminton. It’s harder than you think! With or without slippers, it’s a struggle to play these sports with the Laiya pebbles (promoted as white sand) serving as the ground.

We swam and went kayaking amidst the slightly strong current. Renting of kayaks costs P200.00 per hour.

We played charades and bickered over Uno cards. The downside of having competitive and asar talo friends. LOL.

Playing Uno at La Luz!

We basically took advantage of the resort which was a lot more peaceful and less crowded compared to the first time we checked in. Indeed, beach bumming during off-season has perks, too!

La Luz Bakasyonistas

Just to share, the timing of this La Luz getaway was perfect—at least for me. I was so lost then to the extent that I was about to write a resignation letter without any concrete career back-ups or plans. 😛 The quick escape from work that resulted in random craziness and laughter helped in waking up the positive hormones in my body, hence enabling me to rejuvenate and re-assess my life as rationally as possible again.

So yeah, I really have to thank La Luz for letting me loose! 🙂

De-stressing at La Luz

Bonus: Tips to Help You Win Travel Contests

There’s something about winning that makes us feel light and giddy—may it be winning a lottery, a raffle, a quiz bee, or a simple giveaway online. Agree? Because I want to share with you our mini victory at La Luz, here are some tips that can help you win travel contests:

1. Be in-the-know.

Like and follow the official social media pages of airlines, travel magazines, travel bloggers, your favorite resorts, hotels, or restaurants, and websites like SPOT.ph to get updated on the latest contests, giveaways, promos/discounts, etc.! Kailangan malakas ang radar mo, ‘teh at k’yah! Parang pag-stalk lang ‘yan sa crush mo. 😉

2. Read and follow instructions carefully.

Of course, this sounds very familiar as it’s one of the classic statements being blurted and stressed by our teachers during examinations (alongside the “No cheating!” rule :P). I suggest that you read all the instructions first before taking each step. No need to hurry ’cause it’s better to accomplish things slowly but surely. P.S. Always take note of the deadline!

3. Exercise creativity.

There are travel contests which will require you to post a picture with a corresponding caption (like in the case of #LoveLaLuz), while some will demand an essay or article. For the first one, it’s better to post-process your photo first to make it look enhanced before uploading it in high resolution. I repeat, high resolution. Submitting blurred/pixelated photos will greatly reduce your shot at winning. You may also opt to create a collage just like what we did if ever you’re having a hard time choosing the best photo. Afterwards, complement your photo with a catchy and witty caption to capture attention. For essays/articles, focus on the content. Write a good introduction that will draw and hook the reader/judge towards the end. Think of how your entry will stand out from the rest.

4. #JustJoin

Unlike in the lottery wherein you have to pay a certain amount to register your entry, most travel contests won’t charge you money. Joining is free, so don’t get discouraged with every loss. Remember, more entries equate to more chances of winning. Just have faith that there will come a time when your luck will work and your talent will get noticed.

Guess that’s it for now. Hope these tips will increase your chances of winning travel contests. I wish you the best of luck! 🙂


  • My new motto in life: Ang taong gipit, sa contest kumakapit!
  • Ayos lang matalo sa mga contest na ‘yan, basta ba’y panalo pa rin ako sa puso n’ya. Char.


Do you also join travel contests? Have you won? Win or La Luz, share your experience below. 🙂

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