Top 6 Reasons Why I Love Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas

♫ Stones… Heavy like the love you’ve shown… ♫ I can’t help but sing to this song whenever I recount my trips to Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas. I guess you already have an idea. Yup, it’s because of its stony shores. Mabato s’ya. Parang ‘yung puso n’ya.

The kind of beach at Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas

Malabrigo is my mother’s hometown, so we make it a point to spend at least a weekend there every summer. Now you know that as a child, I was more familiar with the feeling of rocks and pebbles than soft, creamy sand under my feet. No wonder why I already got used to all the pain and stuff. Charaught.

Heart-shaped stone found at the beach of Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas
Pusong Bato. Literal.

I know that the beaches of Malabrigo are not widely picked by most. But putting my bias aside, here are the top 6 reasons why I love MaLOVErigo, Lobo, Batangas:

1. The kind of beach

Everybody’s been raving about white sand beaches and sandbars (Read: Kalanggaman Island). Don’t join the bandwagon this time—try the rocky coast! Because it rocks. Well, literally. Haha. One shall not underestimate Malabrigo’s; its pebbles that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors are said to be great scrubs for our skin! Yes, panghilod is the term.

Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas Pebble Beach

2. The crystal clear and cool waters

Snorkeling and diving are highly encouraged in this part of Batangas. The underwater world of Malabrigo will surely feast your eyes. Mare-realize mo na ‘yung relasyon n’yo lang ang tanging malabo sa mundo. Haha, exaggeration intended. And since Malabrigo’s sea bed is stony, the temperature of the water is chill enough to beat the heat. By the way, there’s this Fish Sanctuary and Refuge Area near actor Christopher de Leon’s place (yes, their family has a rest house there) where no fishermen are allowed to catch so as not to prevent the small fishes from growing and reproducing. Given that rule, the said spot has truly become a “sanctuary” as it houses various sea creatures (friendly fishes, mostly) that you can swim with.

Snorkeling at Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas

Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas Fish Sanctuary and Refuge Area

3. The picturesque lighthouse

Before plunging to the sea, it’s a tradition for us to warm up by climbing our way to the Faro de Punta de Malabrigo, a 19th century-old lighthouse located atop a cliff. You can hike via the now-cemented roads then descend using the stairs that lead to the beach itself. Through the government’s Adopt-a-Lighthouse project and the help of Olympic swimmer Akiko Thompson, The Parola has been restored and maintained through the years. It was declared by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines as a National Historical Landmark last 2006. We were able to climb towards the tower a few years ago; I just don’t know if they still allow it today. But don’t hesitate to ask whenever there’s a caretaker present. If prohibited, don’t fret—just savor the view of the Verde and Mindoro islands. Tapos mag-emote ka and whisper to yourself, “So near yet so far.”

Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas Lighthouse

4. The healthy food

Say no to burgers and French fries for the meantime and eat guilt-free recipes offered by the town of Lobo. Rich in Sampaloc trees, sweet tamarind is one of the major products of this place aside from Atis (Trivia: It’s the Atis Capital of the Philippines). You can hoard boxes of such as pasalubong at a cheaper price (P50 each as what I can remember). Pinais (poached dulong wrapped in banana leaves), Bulanglang (different veggies boiled in rice water), Ginataang Tulingan (tulingan cooked in coconut milk), and anything that is “sinaing” (braised) are also some of the must-taste delicacies of Lobo and Batangas in general. Oh, and before I forget, munch on their locally made pastries such as Kababayan (Filipino version of muffin), Paborita Biscuit, Buchi-Buchi (kamote balls that resemble kwek-kwek), and Ookan (deep fried rice flour mixed with egg and sugar). I was so busy eating that I failed to take pictures of them. 😛

5. The not so crowded shores

I hate beaches that are congested. For me, the mere purpose of going to the beach is to relax, to simply be away from the noise and pollution of the city. Therefore, whenever I plan on being one with the sea, I make sure that the beach I’ll go to is not that hyped or advertised. Malabrigo is a perfect example of that.

Sunset at Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas
This photo has #NoFilter, but the photographer has a lot of #FEELters.

6. The friendly cost

No need to wait for promo fares to go beach bumming! Thank God Southern Luzon is blessed with a place like Batangas where beaches are just one fun road trip away. Accommodations in Malabrigo are very affordable, too. And since it’s my mom’s hometown, some of the residents there are our relatives. We usually stay at Mercedes Ben’s Place (witty resort name, right?) which is owned by my mom’s cousin, and we buy boxes of sweet tamarind from Tiya Teming who happens to be my grandmother’s cousin. Talk about scoring some good discounts! You might consider this resort/store if you happen to drop by.

I’m happy that Malabrigo has been making a name for itself. Not to be selfish, but I hope it stays as it is—clean, unspoiled, and serene. It has become a home for me, and I don’t mind going back year after year.


  • You and the pebbles of Malabrigo have one thing in common: Pareho kayong hard sa’kin.
  • Another thing in common? Ang sarap n’yong durug-durugin.
  • Knock knock! Who’s there? Lobo. Lobo who? ♫ When I need you, make everything stop. Finally, you put my LOBOnTop! ♫
Lobo, Batangas Travel Guide Brochure
Drop by the Lobo Tourism Office and grab this brochure. You’ll be surprised that the town has a lot to offer aside from its notable beaches. 😉


Are you a white sand or a pebble beach person? 🙂

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  1. Ella says:

    Ahhh so many places to visit, so little the budget! Haha. If I ever go back to Manila, I’ll make sure to visit Batangas!

    xx, Ella | Wandering Ella

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      Okay lang ‘yan. At least ang pagtatravel nagmamahal. 😛 Hope to see you in Batangas!

  2. Rea says:

    Ikaw na sa hugot! Love eht! LELZ. I don’t like beaches that are crowded too. Kung pwedeng ako lang sa beach, mas okay. Haha. Can relate with not taking photos of food sometimes coz I focus on eating first. LOL.

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      ‘Di ba? ‘Yung tipong gutom ka na’t uhaw (sa pag-ibig). Charot!

  3. Mei says:

    I’ve read about Lobo and it didn’t actually caught my interest because I don’t prefer the rocks. I’ve visited a resort before that has rocks instead of sand and we were disappointed. Haha
    But maybe I’ll visit Lobo one day. Who knows, I’d have a change in preference hehe

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      Sabi nga sa bagong commercial ng McDo, “When change happens, it can be for the better.” Charaught. You may not like the rocky shores, but I guarantee that you will like what lies under the sea of Lobo. 🙂

  4. Melai says:

    The water is so clear and green. I can’t believe it’s only in Batangas. Great for weekend trips!

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      Yup! All here, so near. 🙂

  5. Da Dominguez says:

    I’m actually in search for not-so-crowded beaches and I’m definitely adding Batangas to the list! Plus, it’s a few hours away lang so yaaay! 😉

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      I’m feeling like a tita na nga eh, making iwas sa mga crowded/noisy places. Hahaha.

  6. Richel V. says:

    I’m all for not crowded beaches. The only other one I visited in Batangas is the Burot Beach and I’m estatic that we were one of the few people in there when we visited. Sabi sa ibang blogs crowded daw dun eh. LOL. I’m personally for sandy beaches kasi ayoko na masaktan pag naglalakad sa shorelines. Natrauma ako sa beach ng Puerto Galera. Ang sakit sa paa, haha! But I’m all for marine life. Adding this one to my travel list!

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      Haha, bakit? I thought white sand din ang Puerto Galera?

  7. Melissa says:

    Great read! I’ve been to Lobo, and it’s definitely one of the less crowded beaches. BTW, I love your hugots. Haha!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! 🙂

  8. Danica Rama says:

    “Mabato siya. Parang ‘yung puso niya.” haha this line tho 😛 Thank you for sharing this! My friends and I are looking for a nice beach to visit that’s not too far from Manila so we might consider this place din hehe 🙂

    1. Yup! Plus it’s a lot cheaper there. 🙂

  9. Bey says:

    Hi! May contact # ka ni Tita helen?or any person sa mercedes. We usually stay there last year, halos every weekend ng summer. We are planning to visit her this coming weekend para ubusin ang bunga ng mangga. Kaya lang mahirap na isurprise sya bka may bisita sya.

    1. Hi!!! Yes, I have her contact number. Will email you. 🙂 But apologies for the late reply. Baka naka-visit na kayo? 🙂

  10. Bernice Trovela says:

    Same beach we went, tama ba Bianca? Well it is one of the nicest place I have been to. Sayang at di pa uso mga action camera noon. Dyan ako natutong mag snorkeling.

    1. Yes, eto nga ‘yun, Kuya Bernice. 🙂

  11. bumbee says:

    I recently reconnected with your Mom and we, along with another friend, happily reminisced about our trip to Malabrigo back in May 2003. Your Mom certainly knew how to celebrate her birth month — with work-weary officemates no less in a hidden gem called Malabrigo. Teary-eyed with laughter, the three of us recalled the bleepers and bloopers of our group during the trip, which began on a drizzling yet exciting Friday night. The experience was just GOLD.

    1. Hi, Tita! Thanks for dropping by on my blog. It’s nice that you can still vividly recount your experience in Malabrigo. Regards po. 🙂

  12. Bam Catenza says:

    I recently reconnected with your Mom and we, together with another travel buddy, happily reminisced about the wonderful experience we had in Malabrigo back in May 2003. We had a blast recalling the bloopers and bleepers of our group composed of work-weary officemates who were lucky enough to be invited by your Mom on her birth month. Yes, I still have with me the token pang-hilod but sad to know that your small banca marked Sena Family (?) is gone.

    1. Unfortunately, yes po, the Cena banca is already gone.

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