Reminders When Visiting the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal

I was that kid who loved studying history but hated going to museums. I know, Alanis Morrissette—it’s ironic. Perhaps, that explains why I cannot completely let go of the past until now. Chos. Anyway, my younger self had no choice because educational field trips had always included a museum in the itinerary. Familiar names on the list were the National Museum, Museo Pambata, UST Museum, and Ayala Museum. I’m sure kids during the late 90s and early 2000s can relate.

But through the years and now that I’m (b)older, I’ve found interest in visiting museums. I’m actually planning to revisit some, especially the National Museum—not solely for Instagram purposes, but for appreciation of the various amazing artifacts and works of art that significantly contributed to our history and culture. Lo and behold, may puwang pa rin talaga ang nakaraan sa puso ko. Syet.

It’s important to note though that museums don’t only showcase collections of the past. There’s now a wide variety of museums, ranging from science (e.g., Mind Museum in Taguig) to 3D (e.g., Art in Island in Quezon City) and other forms of modern art. And last December 2016, I was able to check out one that made my (f)artsy self alive and kicking once again. Yes, it’s the lovely Pinto Art Museum which is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. You may want to go through the following reminders in case you’re planning to visit:

1. Don’t visit on a Monday.

Sarado ang pinto ng Pinto ‘pag Lunes. Pero ‘yung puso n’ya para sa’kin, sarado 24/7. Awtsu. The museum is open during Tuesdays through Sundays, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

One of the huge paintings at Pinto Art Museum
See the bigger picture.

2. Don’t visit on weekends or holidays either.

Apart from its contemporary masterpieces that will really prettify one’s Instagram feed, Pinto Art Museum attracts many due to its architectural design that resembles those of the islands of Santorini in Greece. It’s situated in the mountainous city of Antipolo; so aside from its walls enveloped in clean white, the place also gives off an easy, breezy vibe that enables visitors to relax, reflect, and be one with nature. However, such characteristics of the museum are best witnessed and experienced when there are a few (or no) fellow sightseers. You’ve got to be good at timings then! But as what Robin of How I Met Your Mother once said, timing’s a bitch. Charot!

Pinto Art Museum Outdoor Design
Romeo save me I’ve been feeling so aloneChos!

3. Take note of the charges (and privileges).

As of our time of visit, the regular rate falls at P200.00. Of course, students, seniors, and children enjoy their corresponding discounted rates (they just have to present a valid ID!). Not bad for an entrance fee, right? Although I advise you to still bring extra money for something to eat and drink before and/or after your art appreciation sesh, because bringing foods and drinks is not allowed as you have to leave your bag/s at the package counter before roaming around. There are homey and cozy cafes inside Pinto Art Museum that serve delicious but quite expensive meals.

Exploring Pinto Art Museum with this college friend
With my college buddy, Sarah. We were each other’s photographer that day. 😉

4. Bring an umbrella and a cardigan.

‘Cause chances are, you will be ~sining~ in the rain. Pinto Art Museum is both an indoor and outdoor attraction so an umbrella will surely come in handy. And if the chilly weather kicks in and you have no company to offer you some open arms, then at least you have a shawl or a light jacket to rely on. Oo, ikaw na naman ang mag-a-adjust.

5. Warning for singles: Expect lots of couples.

And just try to be happy for them, no matter how difficult it is. LOL. With Pinto Art Museum becoming one of the sought-after locations of prenup photoshoots, it surely has turned into a ~love~ bird sanctuary as well.

A unique artwork at Pinto Art Museum
The Third Party

6. Take pictures! Lots of ‘em!

‘Yung feeling na mas photogenic pa ‘yung mga works of art kaysa sa’kin. But seriously, every gallery is a feast for the eyes.

7. Lastly, channel your inner Art Evangelista—that is, to appreciate the artworks and the artists behind such creations.

Don’t be a Sam Pinto who would just spend the whole time in the museum posing for fake candid shots for the sake of the IG feed. Dare to bring out your Art Evangelista side, because these creations and artists deserve to be lauded, or at least be appreciated, for showcasing Filipino talent and pouring their heart and soul to give birth to such amazing sights to behold.

Spot this at Pinto Art Museum!

"Art" Evangelista at Pinto Art Museum


  • True story: Pwede ng magtayo ng museum ang aming barkadahan sa dami ng drawing na lakad na naipon namin. Nakakapanggigil.
  • ‘Di lahat ng Art Evangelista may Cheese Escudero. Walang lugar ang Antipolo sa mga anti-solo!


Have you been to Pinto Art Museum? Feel free to add some more to this list of reminders. 🙂

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