You just landed on Mabuhay!

Now that you have set your eyes on this site, here are the things that you can expect from and do for its owner, Broken Biyahera.

  • Broken Biyahera, as her name suggests, is broken. Fragile. Aching. Crushed. In short, may pinagdadaanan. So anticipate a lot of feels straight from her heavy baggage that is her heart. If you cringe to the mere sight and sound of a hugot, then you better pack up and fly off her territory.
  • Broken Biyahera, despite being “broken”, still tries to see things in a positive light. She travels to different places to be healed, so don’t worry—she will work her hardest to make this blog as lighthearted as possible, injecting bits of humor here and there. Minsan, sa sobrang sakit, kailangan na lang gawing katawa-tawa ang pag-ibig.
  • Broken Biyahera may be broken, but she is a woman of kindness and generosity. Kaya nga naaabuso, e. You can freely share her photographs and write-ups once posted, but please—give her the credit she deserves. Copyright na nga lang ang meron s’ya, aagawin mo pa.
  • Broken Biyahera will basically post about her journeys towards the endless search for herself. Mga trips niya, and occasionally, mga pantritrip sa kanya. By the way, don’t expect her to write comprehensive travel guides containing all those suggested itineraries, budget breakdowns, and other tips that you can already read on various travel blogs out there. She’s “lost”, you know; so watch out for highly spontaneous and personal posts instead. Puso, besh.
  • Broken Biyahera will not charge you anything here. Everything you see in this virtual space is charged to experience.
  • However, while all appear to be costless, expect one thing in the future—magmamahal ulit si Broken Biyahera. Tiwala lang.

Above all these, Broken Biyahera encourages you to (1) explore to experience and (2) fly with feelings.

Cheers to the broken hearts who brave to travel the world! 🙂

About Author

Broken Biyahera

Bianca is a banker by day, blogger by night, biyahera by nature, and broken by heart. Chos.


  1. Richel V. says:

    Bet ko ‘tong blog mo! Looking forward to reading your travels and I followed you on BL. Travel heals. Char.

    1. Broken Biyahera says:

      Haha, thank you! 🙂

  2. ted mallen says:

    galing!!! I love broken byahera…

    1. Hehehe. Thank you po, Sir Ted! 😀

  3. Can I just say I really like your logo? 😀 I agree with you, not all who wander are lost, some are just hurt! When I don’t feel okay, I want to get away from everything and everyone, and just wander to different places. YES, explore to experience, fly with feelings, come back with a smile. Charot 😛

    1. Hello, Karen! Glad you liked the logo! 🙂

      Yes, traveling is really a great form of escape. The hardest part though is when we have to face reality after it. 😛 But that’s life! 🙂 Cheers!

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