Work With Me

Broken Biyahera is inspired to write 

when she is not inspired.

That is why her being single since birth is not merely a curse. It’s a big, big blessing for she gets to pour her thoughts as creatively (and emotionally) as possible through coming up with good blog content for you, her dear reader.

So while she is still hurting (chos!), she might as well offer the following services should you be in need:

  • Accommodation Reviews
  • Paid Travel/Press Trips
  • Travel-related Product Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Brand Ambassadorships/Partnerships (para naman magkapartner na s’ya! Char!)
  • Ad Links/Placements
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Contest/Giveaway Collaborations

Just shoot her an e-mail at

She is relatively new to this whole freelance blogging/writing thing, thus rates are very negotiable. Mapapamura ka kay Broken Biyahera. Pero balang araw, mapapamahal ka sa kanya. #assumera

She looks forward to be working with you soon! You’ll never know you might work out together. Well, not necessarily in a romantic sense. 😉

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